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Marathi Health Blog is among the leading publishers of health and wellness information in Maharashtra. It ranks in the top position in the health category within Maharashtra in terms of both unique visitors and page views.

Advertising on Marathi Health Blog is a highly effective way to reach millions of audiences in Maharashtra.

Since our content covers the entire spectrum of health and wellness topics and diseases from A to Z, we have the ability to run highly targeted campaigns for specific health conditions and categories.

We also receive organic search traffic from Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines, on hundreds of thousands of health-related search queries and keywords. These visitors are more likely to be interested in advertisements for health-related products and services.

Expanded Advertising Opportunities On Marathi Health Blog

We offer a wide variety of advertising options and solutions including text ads, banner ads, multimedia and video ads and sponsored content.

Our Pricing For Advertising on Marathi Health Blog

Advertising with Marathi Health Blog is an affordable way to promote your product and service while supporting the open sharing of education at the same time.

The following advertising options are available:

Ad FormatsMonthly Unique ImpressionsPrice Per Month
Custom Header Ad – Mobile (300×250)400,000+₹ 10,000
Custom Header Ad – Desktop (720×90)100,000+₹ 5000
In article Ad 1 (300×250)400,000+₹ 8000
In article Ad 2 (300×250) 400,000+ ₹ 8000
In article Ad 3 (300×250) 300,000+ ₹ 5000
Custom Footer Ad – Mobile (300×250)300,000+ ₹ 3000
Custom Footer Ad – Desktop (720×90) 60,000+₹ 5000

How To Order

If you are interested in advertising with Marathi Health Blog, Please email us at [email protected] with the details including the duration and format of the advertisement or Contact Us Here!

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